PM Imran Khan takes notice of abduction of two Hindu girls in Sindh


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what harm would his daughter have done anyone? why should women pay for "sins" of their Male family members? stop this abusing and wishing bad things on female relatives of men who have "wronged you!
I am sorry for my comments.


اسلام آباد: وزیراعظم عمران خان نے سندھ سے 2 نو عمر ہندو لڑکیوں کے اغوا کا نوٹس لے لیا۔

وفاقی وزیر اطلاعات فواد چوہدری نے اپنے ٹوئٹر بیان میں کہا کہ ایسی اطلاعات ہیں کہ دو ہندو لڑکیوں کو سندھ سے اغوا کر کے رحیم یار خان منتقل کیا گیا ہے جس کا وزیراعظم نے نوٹس لیتے ہوئے وزیراعلی پنجاب کو ہدایت جاری کردی ہیں۔

فواد چوہدری کے مطابق وزیراعظم نے وزیراعلیٰ پنجاب کو ہدایت کی کہ اس معاملے کی فوری تحقیقات کی جائیں اور اگر ایسا ہے تو بچیوں کو بازیاب کرایا جائے۔

وزیراعظم نے سندہ اور پنجاب حکومت کو یہ بھی ہدایت کی کہ اس معاملے پر مشترکہ حکمت عملی اختیار کریں اور سندہ حکومت ایسے واقعات کے تدارک کیلئے ٹھوس اقدامات اٹھائے۔

فواد چوہدری کے مطابق وزیراعظم کا کہنا تھا کہ پاکستان میں اقلیتیں ہمارے جھنڈے کا سفید رنگ ہیں اور ہمیں اپنے تمام رنگ عزیز ہیں اور اپنے پرچم کی حفاظت ہمارا فرض ہے۔

Pakistan me Hindu ki ijjat salamat Nahi , in par bahut julm ho Raha hai.
They should go to India and take Indian citizenship .


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Turns out to be yet another propaganda against the converions in Pakistan.

But our shameless government doesn't even care or bother to come out and give statements against this on going propaganda regarding conversions.

PTI government day by day proving itself anti islam.
Now Hindus of India should do the same to take revenge ......jai Sri ram ......😁😁😁😁


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Abhe tak aesay darjano dramay dykh chuka houn jahan larkiyan apni marzi say jati hain or nam aghwa ka diya jata hai liberaloun ki janib say
Drama Kabhi Ulta BHI Dekha hai ?
I mean Hindu larka Muslims larki conversion to Islam or to Hinduism ?
Hum logo be shuru Kia hai India me Hindu larka Muslim larki , court marriage .no conversion.


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Sir there are so many news every second day that hindu girls converted, kiya hindu girls hi sirf convert hoti hayn? Kiya hindu girls ko hi muslim larkay say involvement hoti hay, muslim girl ka hindu larkay say involvement kabhi nhi hoti??

I can remember a complete episode of a Sindhi peer/wadera who was also a PPP parliamentarian who was doing all this forced conversions and forced marriages openly and then came on tv to defend it as well. Same is the case in Punjab with christians, if they feel good and free to act upon their religion, having no fear of bigotry, I assure you that no even a single christian will convert. But we keep hearing about burning of christian houses, blasphemy issues etc etc. Do you think, in such environment, any common non-muslim will be able to stand against the majority? We should call a spade a spade and should not try to sweep everything under the carpet.

I also had a Sindhi Hindu friend and he used to tell me all the problems hindu community face and how forced conversions and forced marriages take place.
Name them please don’t go with the flow, give references.
In India muslim girls get converted I heard so many in news papers and what’s hapoenibg in the name of mother cow I don’t have to tell you, hope you go thru all those news on media. Now in Modi’s govt they are converting guys forget about girls.
As I gave you name of P K Shahni so I expect you to give me some names for forced conversions or give news paper ref.
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