PM Imran Khan meets Hurriyat Leadership in Azad Kashmir | 14 August 2019


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یہ مشتاق منحوس ابھی تک زندہ ہے اس کا احتساب کیوں نہیں ہوا ابھی تک
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This disgusting creature Alice the goon acted all reasonable in his show with Nusrat javed, while his reality is much more pathetic than that of the most decorated of Lifafas. Really after a bone, not less. And now that licking najayez's toilets clean got him into AJK assembly, trying to ensure his bone supply is unhinderd in future. Shameless scum.


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if they really cared about Kashmir would have been liberated in the last 70 years and simply you can see Pakistan is drowning in debt but these corrupt mafia is flourshing with money every day
It's Imran Khan's government now. Since he cares about Kashmir, why isn't it liberated?

And once again, a PTI supporter acting like a hypocrite.


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70 years versus one year if you can not do the math then at least do suicide
What 70 years. What are you even talking about?

Nawaz Sharif has been in power like three times with less than ten years being in power in total.

Pakistan has fought India in 70 years several times and many of those in power did it within one year they came to power.
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