PM Imran Khan announces forming high-powered commission to probe corruption of last 10 years - Complete Address


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ہائی پاور کمیشن ... آئ ایس آئ شامل
آسان لفظوں میں بولیں تو کپڑے پھاڑ ، انڈر وئر اتار اور تو اور الٹرا ساونڈ نکال تلاشی

مرہم اور بلو کا کیا بنے گا .... انیاۓ ہے نیاۓ


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I think IK should not go into details how the corruption was done. Rather announce the policy matters.


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Accountability is right course of action khan sb keep it going till all corrupt are caught up with and money is fully recovered from them. They must also be punished for trying to destabilise pakistan and should not be allowed to go scot-free.

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O Geo Meray Sher !!!! Proud to Se Imran Khan as Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. 100 salute ka salam

Saada Kaptaan aaj bohat tappa huwa lag raha hai. Aur ho bhi kyun na in Kutti ke puttron ki corruption ke qissay sun ke to kissi bhi mohib e watan Pakistani ka khoon khol uthay ga ?

Chuk ke rakh Khan in khoti de puttar nu, chaddi na.

Lo G aab in haram khoron ka time khatam. Yeh to Khan ne Elan e Jung kerdiya Soneyo !


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Lo Gee.... 2 baatein tou CANFARAM hein! ???

Kisi ko koi NRO nai mil raha ???? and all the looted money is coming back! UK is also fully supporting this government's requests now. Arrest of Altaf is a proof of it! ???
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