Please respect your guest - Nafeesa Shah to Moeed Pirzada


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Is that woman really qualified from foreign? or like Bilo Rani, she took admission there and after spending some time in the galleries there returned back.

Boss once a stunted growth always a stunted growth. once a ghulam always a ghulam.
oxford cambridge ka baap bhi kuch nahi bigaar sakta aese ghulaamo ka.
moeen nawazish a new entrant in this category. sadly.


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She is daughter of Qaim ali Shah ,who lied in daylight about Ozair balauch affiliation of Sindh government and phoolan devi faryal talpur is blunder of his life besides his other activities.and the way she protect her corrupt leader's and his defected son is absolutely unwatchable on tv due to full of lies .


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Keep accepting what they say, let them say what they want, they do crimes but do never call them criminals, never let any one present a healthy and educated argument, accept Bhutto Zinda hai, and let the followers loot Pakistan as taught by their leaders. If you do not do any of these it will be considered against democracy and disrespect of these termites of the society these leaches of Pakistan.


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Did anyone watched the end of the show? Fawad brought her to her auqat at the end of the show. I loved that moment


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She is a twat , lost all credibility and decomposed now by the filth of PPP and the corruption and propaganda they project to the media. She has very little respect for others double standards. her following alliance to a homosexual weak younger and inexperienced Bilawal and her continuing coming on shows to say the elected PM is selected is not only disgraceful they all need to be treated with disdain. ... Similar shameful fallen from grace Naz Balcoh ....but that's another pay off story,,,,,PPP is pure propaganda machine following an agenda run by consultants,


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.نیب نے ان کے لئے پولیٹیکل انجینرنگ کبھی نہیں کی اور نیب نے ان کی حکومتوں میں ان کے لیڈروں اور وزرا کے خلاف کاروایاں کر کے ان کے مجرموں کو سزائیں دے کر گھر بھیجھا ہے یہ عوام سے پوچھ لیں ایسا ہوا کے نہیں .اب نئی بات یہ ہے کے یہ دونوں پارٹیاں اپوزیشن میں ہیں حکومت میں آئیں گی تو تحریک انصاف کے لوگوں کا احتساب کرنے کو نیب پھر سے فرشتہ بن جائے گا .جب محترم کورٹ ان کے خلاف کوئی بات کہ دے گا تو وہ بھی محترم کی بجائے کنگرو ہو جائے گا وا ہ گندے لوگوں کی گندی سیاست
نیب غیر آئینی ادارہ ہے اور نونی اور پپلی حکومتیں اسی کے ساتھ غیر آئینی طریقے سے حکومت کر کے گئی ہیں
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