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A lot of People who had different set of idelogies than the moderators here got banned. The team interfered with our right to freedom of speech.

I welcome all to my new forum made recently....New Discussion forum on Pakistan's Political affairs. Diversity and Freedom of speech are our Motto . Please register and join our community. I would also need new moderators !

Follow the Simple Registration steps and become a member :( Please note that while registering nicks, make sure that u do not use space or special characters, as they are not allowed in usernames)


Ahsan abbas12

New Member
Mian Sahab Hr Chez ki Line lgwa rhy hyn Kbi CNG to Kbi Petrol, Kbi Sugar, Kbi koi or Lgta hai any waly dino my Roti Kpry ki b Linen Lgyn gi agr hm ny inko phr se Wazir bnaya...........
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