Pakistan's Fastest Girl (2), Slap on moombatee mafia.


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If you have an ability, help spread her message and if there is anything financially you can do, please do so. Sponsor her to international events. If you know any one in Pakistan Sports Ministry, do your part.
Thank you.

Until the End of Time, Pakistan Zindabad.


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who was the fastest asian girl of Pakistan.

She is from Karachi and No one even remember her name I bet. Tel me without googling.

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I do have to say this, our people are always complaining hukumat ne humay support nahi kiya.

Which hukumat supported Muhamad Ali, infact his hukumat was against him and banned him from fighting in his prime years and yet he is still remembered as the greatest boxer of all time.

Also unfotunately no one in Pakistan really gives a shit about track & field events. We are only interested in stupid cricket. Hockey, snooker, squash where we were once world champions in, now no one even knows how to play those games.
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