Pakistanis warned to stop criticising armed forces |BBC Article

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Pakistanis have been told not to criticise the armed forces on social media, as the government tries to end a damaging spat with the military.The interior ministry warned against "activity that undermines the dignity, reputation and honour of the army".Its statement came two days after TV channels received similar instructions.
The military was accused of undermining democracy when it rejected the findings of an inquiry by the prime minister's office into a row over press leaks.

The so-called "Dawn leaks" affair began in October when the Dawn newspaper reported on tensions between government and military officials.

What have people been saying?

Many Pakistanis have taken to social media in recent days to attack the army's top brass. The new chief of staff, Lt-Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa, has been a target of many of the barbs.

One poster tweeted a picture of his predecessor, Raheel Sharif, with the comment: "You are being missed."
Another tweet said: "I want to stand with the army, but somebody please tell me where the army is standing."
Others pointed out the changing mood towards the army.

Such comments prompted Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan to accuse some Pakistanis of "criticising and maligning the armed forces on social media without any reason".
He warned that it was a serious crime and anyone found doing it would be dealt with "sternly and indiscriminately". Humiliating the army or its officers "under the cover of free speech is intolerable", he added.

How damaging is this for the military?

From the day Dawn first reported on the government's spat with the military, reactions have ranged from it being a national security breach to one in which the newspaper is seen to have reported only what had been public knowledge for decades, reports the BBC's M Ilyas Khan in Islamabad.For almost all the time since independence in 1947, top decision making in Pakistan has remained either directly or indirectly under the military's control, our correspondent says.

A section of society, including some political groups, have endorsed the military's moves largely on the premise that many politicians from the parties which tend to govern Pakistan are corrupt and even a "security risk".
The last three years saw a massive effort by the military's public relations wing, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), to present former army chief Gen Raheel Sharif as a "saviour".
But since 10 May, when the ISPR withdrew the explosive 29 April tweet that said the directives issued by the prime minister's office had been "rejected", many of its supporters have been disappointed at what they see as capitulation.

Who stands to gain from this?

The military establishment is seen as being sensitive to criticism on social media, and was accused of being behind the "kidnapping" in January of several liberal bloggers who had aired unfavourable views.
The issue saw some allegedly pro-military activists and a section of the judiciary highlight perceived "blasphemous" posts, forcing the government to negotiate the blocking of such content.

By comparison, the storm of protest over the "Dawn leaks" has assumed a direct anti-military tone, and none of the material can be censured on grounds of blasphemy.

Many observers believe the episode has sparked the most vicious anti-military campaigns since the 2007 sacking of the chief justice by military ruler Pervez Musharraf and the 2011 killing of Osama Bin Laden by US special forces in a raid in Abbottabad.

Critics say the affair shows the military has no respect for legitimate civilian governments.It is thought the military's "retreat" has delivered political dividends for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's government less than a year before a general election is scheduled to be held.

But allowing such criticism to continue in country with such a powerful military might not go down well.
Even though the military "withdrew" the 29 April tweet - the entry remains on its main media account, many observers note.


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Talwar Gujjar

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Yeh sab pteecher party k chawal aur yahoodi agent hein. Pteecher Khan ko tau Gen Bajwa ne bula k zra kaan xolay tau os k akal thikanay aa gaee ha, internet p bak bak kernay waloon ko b dau char littar lagay tau sahi ho jaein g.


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Love and respect cannot be earned by warnings and terror.
you got it right my friend one general is hameed gul who use to openly walk in pakistan 4 army chief gave shoulder to his dead body . one is musharaf ran away from court pretending a heart attack . raheel shareefs fate will be same . this is exact same difference between imran khan and nawaz shareef dont demand respect you command respect if you deserve it .

Imran the legend

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Talwar gujar you talking rubbish again have you ever been to any school you just be a corrupt or stupid because you support corrupt parties like plmn what have sharif given you past 30 years don't be slave because they will only give you a donkey meat.


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Army history is that they supported the likes of NS and Zardari, that is one of my main issues regarding top brass establishment thinkers. Raheel Sharif did good by taking on the TTP and foreign elements involved in PK, but cud not finish the job off which was to support IK as PM, and take down the corrupt forces from within. kiyani was completely useless, I hope present General does not have Kiyani syndrome....As for army not respecting govt well they were the ones that supported them, if they want to make difference than they know what needs to be done.


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oh jao jao! kia army general koi sahabi hai ya Allah mian ki gaye hai jisko bura nahi keh bhi freedon of speech ko roknay ki koshi ker raha hai woh sirf aur sirf saddam-qaddafi ki napaak najayez aulad hi hosakta hai.


MPA (400+ posts)
This Fauj nae corrupt Zardari ko sadar bunwaya aur pori dunya Mae Pakistan ke bae izzati kerwai phir Nawaz jaise stupid person ko teesri bar musalat kia jo apnae ap ko King samajta hai aur Pakistan is ke jageer hai Pakistan isko jahez Mae Mila tha...Altaf ko fauj nae Huwa bunwaya..., yea sab milker mulk ko loot Rahay hain.... yea baighairat hain.


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Shame on you. Criticise army in a mannered way . Pak army mean pakistani army so word pak is derived from pakistan not from paak. So it means you saying to pakistan napaak? Again shame on you
grow up and do some research first, pakistan means land of the pure, is there any purity in ur land? shame on u for haviing zero intellect plus having zero research skill, salama!!!
Kisi aik yaa 2 Generals Ke blunders jahliyat yaa Mulk Dushmni yaa Security breach parr mukka mukka jindal ki aamad parr mysterious khamoshi Aur unki policies ko be naqaab karnay kaa Matlab poori Army ko malign karna nahi hota naa hi koi qoum apni army ke khilaf hoti hai laikin aggar aik 2 generals bikk jaataty hain iska assar poori Army ke Moral parr parta hai aur aisay sold out Generals samajhtay hain ke kisi ko areest karr ke koi sight bandd kra ke ke awam ko dabba laingay to unsaay barra bewaqoof shayad koi naa ho , WE Love our Armed forces We Love Pakistan But we hate corruption and saviors of corruption in the name of so called democracy Pak Afwaaj Zindaa baad Pakistan Paindaa baad


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فوج پر تنقید کی حالیہ لہر سولہ سال پہلے صف اول کے سویلین سپاہی بننے والوں کی فوج کے حالیہ اقدامات سے ناراضگی کی وجہ سے ہے


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There was a time when people loved army & generals. Raheel sharif was the most powerful general in the world and most popular man in pakistan. He didnt cry and whine like a b|tch like this Khassi bajwa is. Just look at the similarity. Just like pmln is in denial that panama papers dint hurt their vote bank of humiliated them all over the world, Qamar bajwa and ISI is in denial also. They keep saying that social media activist are criticising army on imran khan's verdict/stance. I use to defend army all the time, now i dont even wana spit on this Qamar chakka & Naveed mukhtar whose job is to compromise on national security and carry bags for #Panamaqueen after her qatri yaaar send her money for shopping. Half of my family belongs to Pakistan army and they are soldiers i salute but not these scumbags QB & Naveed mukhtar. In their leadership, army has lost its respect just similiar to kyani's era


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Talwar gujar you talking rubbish again have you ever been to any school you just be a corrupt or stupid because you support corrupt parties like plmn what have sharif given you past 30 years don't be slave because they will only give you a donkey meat.
گدھا کھانے والے اگر کسی سکول گئے ہوتے تو آج اپنی افواج کو برا بھلا نہ کہ رہے ہوتے اور نہ ہی غنڈہ لیگ میں ہوتے- ان بدمعاشوں کے ناموں سے ہی اندازہ لگایا جا سکتا ہے کہ یہ کس سکول کے باہر ریڑھی لگاتے ہیں


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The Army ignored treason in the 60's and lost half the country in 1971.
They have still not learnt any lessons from that, dawn leaks, memogate and
panama leaks have all been ignored by the army.

how does the Army expect the people to give them respect when they have
compromised on national security for dollars?


Politcal Worker (100+ posts)
Army demands respect ..............

Oh really

Osama Bin Ladan was hiding for 6 years right under their military academy, they could not find him

Americans came and killed him, and only because one of their 2 helicopter was damaged, Army knew what was happening and even then could not do anything

The Lt Gen found guilty of 2 billions Frontier Corps bribe case also commanded strategic formation holding nuclear weapons and missile.

and list goes on

Respect is earned , not demanded


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Pakistani army is such a cowered that they can only threaten to their own people but when it comes for fight our enemies they get leaks inside their khaki uniform.


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اب دھمکیاں اور تڑیاں دینے سے کام نہیں چلے گا

یہ گھڑی محشر کی ہے تو عرصہ محشر میں ہے
پیش کر غافل عمل کوئی اگر دفتر میں ہے