Pakistani Engineering students developed Robotic Arm (MYO)

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--Bravo [clap] [clap] Kudos to all of them and all fellow Pakistanis [clap] [clap] :D



Re: Pakistani Engineering students developed Robotic Arm (MY

[clap] [clap] [clap]

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Re: Pakistani Engineering students developed Robotic Arm (MY

[clap] Well done.
May Allah bless us all with wisdom ,intelligence and faith.


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Re: Pakistani Engineering students developed Robotic Arm (MY

excellent ,brilliant,may Allah give them compelete faith with wisdom


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Re: Pakistani Engineering students developed Robotic Arm (MY

Fantastic,well done boys ,if all Muslims counties scientists and oil rich Arabs get together then we have chance to compete ,Brain is not the God given gift to one selected race or nation but all, these projects needs massive funds,we needs Arabs and others to chip in .
Other wise clever students will be hired by the west and the camels will be always camels and donkeys will remain donkeys.
Itehad ,tanzeem,Iman : follow it to succeed or be divided and be in the wilderness form last eight hundred years . ( last example was donkeys burned the library with thousands of Quranic and Islamic books in faisal abad & both donkeys called themselves Muslims,God forbid)All the instruction are in the holy book take it or leave it?. God do not need Muslims .Muslims need God. got it ?
Do not always blame the west,we need to check our check list first or always see you in another demonstration against , Jews Indians,British ,Americans,Russians or any one for that matter.


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Re: Pakistani Engineering students developed Robotic Arm (MY

Simply Awesome. [clap] [clap] [clap]
Great Job young men. Keep it up.


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Re: Pakistani Engineering students developed Robotic Arm (MY


Abstract The foundation of surgical robotics is in the development of the robotic arm. This is a thorough review of the literature on the nature and development of this device with emphasis on surgical applications. We have reviewed the published literature and classified robotic arms by their application: show, industrial application, medical application, etc. There is a definite trend in the manufacture of robotic arms toward more dextrous devices, more degrees-of-freedom, and capabilities beyond the human arm. da Vinci designed the first sophisticated robotic arm in 1495 with four degrees-of-freedom and an analog on-board controller supplying power and programmability. von Kemplens chess-playing automaton left arm was quite sophisticated. Unimate introduced the first industrial robotic arm in 1961, it has subsequently evolved into the PUMA arm. In 1963 the Rancho arm was designed; Minskys Tentacle arm appeared in 1968, Scheinmans Stanford arm in 1969, and MITs Silver arm in 1974. Aird became the first cyborg human with a robotic arm in 1993. In 2000 Miguel Nicolalis redefined possible manmachine capacity in his work on cerebral implantation in owl-monkeys directly interfacing with robotic arms both locally and at a distance. The robotic arm is the end-effector of robotic systems and currently is the hallmark feature of the da Vinci Surgical System making its entrance into surgical application. But, despite the potential advantages of this computer-controlled masterslave system, robotic arms have definite limitations. Ongoing work in robotics has many potential solutions to the drawbacks of current robotic surgical systems.
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