Pakistan- Waiting for God!


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It s despicable where we are in terms of history when B'desh & India have moved forward. The Generals have brought so much pain to the pride of Pak where I for one now feel no sympathy for them or their loss . Its not because of bias- But genuine support for democracy when defined in terms of educated, fair & peaceful loving citizens and able to choose a Leader without manipulation or bribe. IMRAN KHAN represents me as a Leader -who believes in leading us ALL, including the POOR to a better future.

Khan is the only active & original component in a non-functional Pak machinery dominated by the archaic military responsible overall for LAZY and notorious reputation Pak is recognised in the Intl community- someone who will sell their mother for dollars.


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Pakistan going through in defining moment. Will go either way..dust or shine...No doubt..Imran Khan is the key man for shining Pakistan. Nawaz.Showbaz.Zardari.Molvi Fazulo are symbol of destruction of Pakistan..
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