Pakistan Receives Record Remittances of Over $2 Billion in May


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Pakistan received record-breaking remittances of more than $2 billion from expats in different countries.

The remittance of $2.3 billion sent by overseas Pakistanis is an all-time high received in a single month. Previously, the remittances crossed the mark of $2 billion twice throughout the country’s history – $2.08 billion in August and $2.06 billion October in the current financial year.

As predicted earlier, handsome inflows of remittances were recorded due to seasonal demand pushed by the spending on Eid-ul-Fitr and the Zakat obligation.

In May 2019, the inflows of worker’s remittances amounted to US $2315.74 million, which is 30.17% higher than April 2019 and 28.36% higher than May 2018.

Here is the break-up of remittances received from different countries in May 2019:

  • $493 million from Saudi Arabia.
  • $476 million from UAE.
  • $387 million from the UK.
  • $237 million from GCC countries.
Remittances received from Malaysia, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Japan, and other countries during May 2019 amounted to the US $303.17 million together.

Overall, the remittances received in the eleven months of the current fiscal year crossed $20 billion. With one month left, inflows of over $1.5 billion are expected in June which will also create a new record for receiving highest-ever remittances inflows in Pakistan by end of a financial year.

Compared with last year, the remittance inflows recorded double-digit growth of 10.42 percent from the corresponding period of the previous year. This was mainly because of the measures taken by the government and the central bank to incentivize banking channels for overseas Pakistanis sending remittances to their relatives in Pakistan.
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export na bharhana sirf remittances pe guzara karna
Konsi industry itni shandaar chor ker gaye app kay daddy jiski exports barhni chahiye? Lol
Waisay bhi purpose is to increase dollar amount in country, remittances main kia burayi hay?


Minister (2k+ posts)
Pakistan woh azeem mulk banega jahan bahir se log naukrian dhoondey aaya karengey! Yahan to ulta hisaab hai bhai.....this record remittance means that a RECORD number of Pakistanis have gone abroad kiunkey PTI ki 1 crore naukrian to Jinn bhooot legay....


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Within 10 month kesay bharaty hain export, jab industries ka satyanas mara howa ho? Itnay aarsay mai industries revive hona shoro hi hojai to bari baat hai.
sir jee yahee tu rona hai! ab tak koi direction he set nahi hui?
konsi industry ke planning hoi ? kis cheez ki export ki planning hui?


MPA (400+ posts)
sir jee yahee tu rona hai! ab tak koi direction he set nahi hui?
konsi industry ke planning hoi ? kis cheez ki export ki planning hui?
oh bhai, agar ho bhi rahi hai to mujhay ya apko bata kar to nahi hogi na. for sure koi industry mazeed tabha nahi ho rahi hogi. Kabhi direction ka sawl phelay kabhi kisi Gov say kiya the first 6 month mai? Sabar karo, time par sab nazar ajai ga.
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