Pakistan needs a messiah like Ishaq Dar to revive Pakistan's economy - PMLN Minister


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One more chance to Ishaq Dollar and this time rest assured whole of Pakistan will be sold. Ganja Zaleeldari and all the looters will take up residence in Monaco. Ganja's supporters are more shameless than even the street prostitutes found all over the world.


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Munshi Dar the money launderer who made up data about GDP growth and foreign reserves ruined the economy and fled to U.K. PLMN's appointed civil servants hid the truth from piblic.PMLN is full of jokers


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I never knew we had so uneducated mna he does not know a word of economy he mentioned nothing of any thing and said dar was great the most thick headed mna all his brain was in his figure good for siri paya and phaja comments

Citizen X

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Is ke wehshi, behisaab aur behuda jism se pata chal raha hai is ko siri paye aur nihari ke ilawa kissi cheez ka nahi pata,


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aur Saqoo Dakoo ke saath aik marvi memon aik chor dakoo fradi laanti Modi ke najaiz nutfay nawaz sharif Butt aur aik frari Butt Qatri wali ki bhi zaroort hai
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