Pakistan lost the 1st Test against England that they should have won.


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I think bonga khan should be the pcb chairman....not the prime minister of pakistan. 🤔....that’s the only thing I think he knows.


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Azhar Ali history isn’t good, Azhar sucks.
They remove Sarfaraz like they gonna bring cricket genius..... but they bring worst than Sarfaraz...
Sarfaraz was much better captain.
Provincial politics. Sorry cricket.


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Pakistan lost the test match today at Old Trafford that should have been won because of the very poor 2nd innings batting, very poor bad field placing giving far too many boundaries away and poor captaincy by Azhar Ali. Why did he not give Shahdab more overs to bowl than seven?

In the morning if Yasir Shah and Naseem Shah had batted with some common sense and stayed another 5-6 overs on the crease, they could have pushed the score for another 15-20 runs and that would have made the ending more exciting and interesting. Unfortunately, our tail-enders get restless at the crease and try to hit every ball over the ropes.

I hope and wish that Pakistanis learn a quick and hard lesson from this defeat and try to win the 2nd test. Azhar Ali will have to prove his worth as a captain and a batman if he wants to retain his place in the team.

this team will lose 0-3


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How to loose a winning match.

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with azhar ali as captain and misbah as coach we will lose 3-0 now
team will demoralized that they lost a winning match
azhar ali probably will flop in batting too
sarfraz was removed in most unfair manner


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I think that it was the tactless captaincy, poor field placing & poor strategy by Azhar Ali & very poor 2nd innings batting by Pakistani batsmen that lost us the 1st Test match yesterday. Woakes & Butler hit seventeen fours between them as if they were playing a T20 match. Azhar Ali did not put third men around the ropes that could have saved at least forty runs.

When England were 117 for five and Joss Butler came into bat, it was the time that Azhar Ali could have put pressure on the opposition but our pace bowlers were too friendly to the English batsmen. I found that Naseem Shah as an unimaginative young fast bowler who needs maturity, variety and consistency in his bowling. The only bowler who bowled with impressive accuracy and intelligence was Abbas Ali who troubled English batsmen.

Azhar Ali gave Shadab eight overs in the 2nd innings and only 3.3 overs in the 1st innings and he took two wickets. Is there any grudge going between these two? I believe that our captain lacks confidence because of his poor batting in both innings and it should have affected his leadership on the field.

Pakistani batsmen particularly Abid Ali and Mohammad Rizwan were too impetuous and hasty in running between the wicket and the stupid run out of Shafique Ahmed caused by Rizwan cost Pakistan at least 30-40 runs because he was playing so confidently at the time. Pakistani coaches have to work on our impetuous batsmen to use common sense and patience at the crease.

I believe that Pakistan needs to drop Abid Ali and Naseem Shah in the 2nd test depending upon the weather conditions at Southampton next Thursday. If the weather is wet and overcast then they would need to drop Yasir Shah and bring in an extra pace bowler of experience and intelligence.


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جس طرح مصباح اندھوں ميں کانہ راجہ تھا ، اسکی کوشش ہوگی کے اظہر علی بھی اندھوں کا ايک اور کانہ راجہ بن جائے ۔
اظہر علی بيٹنگ سے تو پاکستانيوں کے دل نہيں جيت سکا اب شائد کرکٹ پوليٹکس کی وجہ سے گالياں کھا کر ہی نکلے گا۔​


pakistan need to reorganise there ist class cricket we need fast bowler and fast bowler always come from punjab and batsman from karachi but now both areas have less grounds, mafia they built hospitals shopping mall pvt school in cricket field so thats why these two areas not producing quality cricketer
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