Pakistan Latest: Pressure Mounts of Default Risk, Khan’s Demands


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(Bloomberg) -- Pakistan Finance Minister Miftah Ismail said the government was committed to reviving the International Monetary Fund program and putting the country back on a “sustainable growth path” after talks with the multilateral lender ended inconclusively the previous day.

here’s now a prospect of a default for the second time in Pakistan’s history even though the IMF said there was “considerable progress” in the discussions. Dollar bonds from Pakistan were among the worst in emerging markets on Thursday.

Separately, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said the Parliament will decide the next election timeline in a speech to the lower house. Ousted prime minister Imran Khan repeated demands for the government to call for fresh elections in six days, failing which he will return to Islamabad to stage a sit-in with two million people.

Earlier, Khan asked his supporters to gather at the center of Islamabad, defying a court order. The government had called out the army to protect its buildings in the capital amid clashes between protesters and security forces late last night.

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Bajway Bharway ( Qadiani ) ko Jamat ( Rubwa ) Bharat aur Israel se shadeed pressure hai kah janay se pehlay Pakistan ko default karwa kar Jana hai —— Warna isay Jamat se kharaj kar dein gay ——- Allah khair karay ga aur yeh Bharwa jald he farigh kar dia jaye ga​

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