pakistan condition is non-compareable with egypt & Tunisa --PM Gilani


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Egypt goverment bhee yahi kehti thi... en ko bhaghnay ki jagha nahi milay ge..agar eik dafa mazahray shoro hoe tu...


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Shame on this animal.

He is one of them , who is curse on their ensesters.
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Maza to jub hey k iss PM ko mulk se bahar bhagney ka moqa na diya jaye.Multan shareef ko nawazne ka pura pura hisab liya jaye iss se.Yeh shakhs Zardari se ziyada badmash or be-eeman hey.
Pakistan ka corrupt tareen PM.
The worst PM in the history of Pakistan. Shame on him and those who made him PM. The most corrupted PM on earth. Look his way of life and how people are suffering. He and all others like him shall be hanged.


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I agree that our condition is non-comparable to Egypt or Tunisia as we're a far bigger country so the revolution will be much more violent! This could mean that a patriot Pakistani putting a bullet in your chest Mr Gilani before you even know it.
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