Pakistan’s peaceful existence with its neighbours is Nawaz Sharif ideology


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منیرا کنجر مختارا کنجر اور صفدرا کنجر چکلا چلانے کی آئڈیالوجی پر ہیں ظاہر جن کی پیدائش ہی چکلے کی مرہون منت ہو وہ دشمنوں سے ملاقاتیں کرکے اپنی بے بے کے رشتے کی بات پکی کرتے ہیں شاید نطفہ حرام چکلے وائے


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This very act of Nawaz Sharif will inflict a considerable blow to his vote bank in AJK during tomorrow's elections, and Punjab in 2023.

Maryam Nawaz is really feeling the heat this time. Meeting a person in personal capacity who calls Pakistan a brothel, and Punjabis bastards, will not go well with any faithful Pakistani. Baqi kanjar tou har mulk main hotay hain tou woh support kartay rahaingay.

I have seen her giving explanation on such an act for the first time. It means she has realized it will have far reaching implications.


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Nice spin by Nani 420.When Nawaz says peaceful existence he means acceptance of illegal occupation of Kashmir by India,acceptance of Indian hegemony and appeasing pro Hindu Afghan leaders like Mohib.

Sonya Khan

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Someone in PMLN should honestly tell Maryam Nawaz to stop digging the political grave of Nawaz Sharif ......
Establishment is quite ..... May be they don’t want to disturb Maryam Nawaz until she buries Shehbaz Sharif too.....


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Nawaz sharif is in not in a position to advocate or exercise this role of peace loving person on behalf of government of Pakistan! He is a fugitive and anyone meeting him is meeting an outlaw! We have all the reasons to believe that Nawaz sharif and his daughter are involved in some kind of conspiracy along with Mudi and NDS!!
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