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Patwarri these days are seem to have been left with only few individuals to look after their political destiny.

The hilarious fact are that these individuals have no personality and remind one of God's other creations but not humans. one can arrange them in any way you like but that will not change anything!

Atta Tarar reminds me of looking like a banana. He is tall and thin. Has a covering of beard like the skin. He is as slippery as the skin and as puplpy on the inside filled with all the lies . Clearly a combination of lies on the inside and covered by a slippery layer!

Oranges: these are the two females spokespersons, Mariyam Aurngzeb & Uzma Bhukhari. They seem to like orange coloured clothes and look pretty flat- faced. I believe one of them is known as Dadoo-Charger. Pretty poor quality oranges. Thick skin, dry inside, bland flavour. Once tasted you want a refund or decide to Never buy them Again!

So Good luck to Patwarris if they are thinking of reviving their politics through these creatures-and that Only in Punjab , few districts!!
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