Once upon a time Pakistan had respect


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Greatest President of Pakistan General Ayub Khan.
May Allah send him to highest place in Jannat.
We are still proud of his time and the devolpments he brought to Pakistan.

Imran khan will be inshallah prove to be another ayub khan.
You remember the slogan.....AYUB kutta.....that was a famous one but I think you were not even born at that time or may be sitting with general niazi.:cool::cool::cool:


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Tu mera Muh nahi Bandh Karva sakta nahi Dunya ka ....In the world's eye, you are terrorist and will remain so until you start taking action against people like Hafeez Saeed!
Look who is talking ....whose half a million army killing innocent Kashmiris every day and whose premier is modi who was declared extremist and was on a American watch list.....these staatements from Indian don't show any reality....Wakey Wakey.


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appoint a learned man as foreign minister, you will see the change. at the moment all our foreign ministers are not learned persons, musharraf, benazeer, AIZ, MNS, and IK regimes. present foreign minister has qualification of majaveri مجاوری at a tomb. he knows how to count money at the end of day from the money box at tomb but he has no idea/vision about how to improve foreign relations.
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