On YouTube He Talks in Favour Of the PM& On Media Channels He Talks Against

Judicary-Media Mafia

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Well he is no different from others.. On TV channels, everyone is forced to tow the line given by the network..
On social media, no one can say anything to you so you can freely speak what you think..
Whats so hard to understand the difference?
He is different in one way though.. that atleast on his youtube channel, he dont hype up news and use fake news to grab attention.. His news on youtube channel are mostly authentic so far.. Whereas many big anchors are saying rubbish fake stuff on their channels.. So, respect to all the good work and ignore to fake stuff..
So for you if he gets another job as a pimp he should do it because he should blindly follow what his boss tells him not eat halal. That’s why pakistan is in mess eating halal or haraam is not a problem for yous.


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In islam lying is not allowed, fake news is not allowed, eating haraam is not allowed unless your life is in danger short time. That’s why he is not wise he is greedy haraam kor That has got exposed like Nawaz and Zardari. One time people use to call Nawaz and Zardari wise today they in the gutters.
By wise I mean Lalachi aur dunyawi wise. In simple terms he is a hypocrite who changes his stance on different media platforms in order to earn money


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The problem with our media is that not only it is corrupt but also they are not doing any real Journalism.

I still do watch Dr. Sahaid Masood show because at least we all can say that he might be bogus or whatever but his information and with source links on International media and what is happening in the neighbourhood is really better to discuss as why PM did not use cycle as would save chinchi fuel and air pollution !!

Roast King

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guys he is not a pti member, and on youtube he is expressing his views and on mainstream media he have to keep his views aside and do a professional show. I found nothing wrong in it, no need to be mad.
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