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Just seen the speech by the greatest drama queen. It was a demo of the worst RANT, have seen. He played on the raw nerves on price increase, internal and external politics, army, justice system but forgot to mention his own mismanagement and looting.

Its now the time for spokesmen to lay the facts for the public.

He says yeh nahi chalay ga!! Well i can assure you yeh chal raha hai, aur chalay ga- specially without you. You are the most incompetent individual ever. Your family has looted to Pakistan to the hilt. The proof was what you left when you were defeated.
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Judicary-Media Mafia

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Corrupt mafias can see end of there politics Pakistan export increased, import down, investment up, reforms, managed carona well, Managed Fatf bill, Managed over charging IPPs, if Imran Khan was selected then why he struggled 24 years against all corrupt Mafia's of Pakistan. Zia Ul Haq brought Nawaz Sharif.


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Nawaz Sharif the Traitor is in a Suicidal mission.

He has been assigned by the Enemies of Pakistan to sabotage CPEC & to create unrest inside Pakistan so that Gilgit Baltistan's political reform gets hampered.

He got green signal from western power that he would not be deported from UK & his looted properties would be protected. A La Altaf Hussain style.

In other words he would be an asset like Altaf to be used against Pakistan to contain China-Pakistan geopolitical strategy.

Appropriate steps from Establishment are the need of hours.
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