Noor Mukadam Case: Zahir Jaffar's mother granted bail by the Supreme Court


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Zahir Jaffar also has nothing to worry about. The case will linger on for a decade and a half by which time all the documents pertaining to the case will be reported to be missing. A mistrial will declared. Zahir Jaffar ba izzat bari kiya jata hey. Death to all those who slander the most honest judiciary soon to be headed by qazi easy paisa.
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میرے خیال میں خاتون کو کافی گھسیٹ لیا تھا امید ہے کہ ملزم کو سخت سزا دی جاے گی۔ حکومت کی بھی مجبوری ہے امریکہ کا بھی پریشر تھا
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