Next budget likely to remove tax on property registration


MPA (400+ posts)
The real estate has the biggest tax evaders and a price hike of residential land will make common man suffer further so the property business needs no relief instead we should provide this to industry and services sector that produce jobs and increase exports


Minister (2k+ posts)
OK....removing tax on property registration. I would like to ask where are the 5 million homes promised in the election manifesto? Not 1 brick of 1 home has been layed yet. 5 million homes in 4 years means 3,424 homes COMPLETED EVERYDAY. Are 3,424 homes being COMPLETED EVERYDAY by thiss khota government who conned us? You Promised 5 million homes not 4 million not 3 million not 1 million. Ye haramzadeh apney manifesto ka 10% nahi bana saktey...(500,000 homes and 342 homes PER DAY.
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