NEPOTISM - Are you being DUPED by your own kind?


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This is called "Nepotism" ... which is currently at its peak.

To give you an idea, our very own beloved Prime Minister have distributed at least 20 higher governmental posts to his family (and growing). This would eventually lead to many incompetent people getting powers to run affairs for which they have not studied or have no experience of. Granting such powers to unqualified people would definitely lead to series of catastrophic events ... and ultimately ... Failures of paramount proportions. Deliberately handing powers to people who were not deserving is an act of harming one's country.

This act itself is criminal and unpatriotic. Ministers openly defy their responsibilities and blame it on people themselves. Before coming into power, these same people were telling stories and fairytales of converting their cities into the likes of Paris and Milan, running Bullet Trains, getting rid of loadshedding within 6 months to 2 years... infact, if you happen to read PMLN's 60-page manifesto, they have hardly delivered on any major issue Pakistan is currently facing.

The most important of all which is still missing, TAX REFORMS. Pakistanis are already second to the most charitable nation as per their GDP in South Asian corridor (next to Sri Lanka), people are much more willing to pay taxes ... if rich are going to pay as well and people are assured their taxes are going to be invested on them. But, here comes the Big Problem - Most politicians are rich ... and hardly pay any tax at all. In fact, our current Prime Minister, Mr. Nawaz Sharif, who is one of the top 5 richest men in Pakistan, hardly pay any taxes. He owns the palace in Raiwind, more than 11 sugar mills, numerous properties in UK, Spain, UAE, KSA, etc, and currently have the title of the 4th wealthiest family of Pakistan. What's ironic here is that our Prime Minister himself is talking about getting rid of Nepotism (source)

However, the bigger problem are the people themselves. Current state of the people of Pakistan is that they are scared of losing whats little of left already. People of Pakistan have not realized yet that people should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people. Current state of citizens is poor and precarious. Currently, we are embroiled under this IMF loan fiasco so deep, that in few years to come, we won't be able to pay the interest (let alone the loan). When foreign entities are funding you - giving you money, you are obligated to follow their orders and do what they want you to do. This takes away citizen's free will and freedom of speech (well, we never had any anyways).

Pakistan is an extremely resourceful country and is quite capable of running itself, without the need of foreign aid. Pakistanis have marked their presence in many field; academia, scientific advancements, military, sports, businessmen, industrialists, activists, philanthropists, musicians, artists ... and this list goes on. People are hospitable and have contributed to great extent. The only problem is ... not realizing that this is their country and without it, there is no 'Pakistani'.


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@pakistan tiger: All these positions are honorary with no payment from tax payers money. All these positions have no authority over tax payers money whatsoever. Anyone can b called an ambassador including film actresses etc.
There is a huge difference between an honorary position and a governmrnt position where one has authority over taxpayers money.


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Pasha Party Finance Secretory Overseas - Aik banja

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KPK Investment Ambassador - Raham Khan

KPK IDP Fund Raiser Co Chairman - Raham Khan

KPK Street Children Society President - Raham Khan

KPK Education Promotion Chairperson - Raham Khan

Chair Person KPK Export Promotion - Aik Banja

CM KPK, with number of MPA, Senators, Lady MNA owner. Slots left by Raham Khan goes to Teeli Phelwan family.

KPK Development Funds Controller Ayesha Gulali, Manager Bani Gala after Ayla Malik and before Raham Khan arrival.

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oo bhai tumharay paisay badhay ya abhi bhi 10 paisay per post laytay ho.


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I have no idea where this Pakistan Tiger's obsession with PTI (second post) came up in all of this. I'm merely stating the fact of our turbulent current political system and Mr. Nawaz Sharif have been in power 3 times .... THREE times. This is a record of which only his family is proud of because sadly, things are still the same and we have not been debt ridden. If you were to ask me, PML-N is far ahead of its time ... when it comes to family politics... and by a huge margin.

& To break it down to you, the "FINANCIAL AID" you are getting for writing all these posts ... is also funded through our tax payer's money. There is also a high probability that someone from your lineage have paid taxes and you are getting money through it (however, quite an insignificant one TBH).

To all my fellow citizens, it is absolutely OKAY to question your leaders. In fact, it is your duty as a patriotic citizen to think and question them. They are getting their salaries from your money... YES! YOUR MONEY! You must question your leaders if you believe they are not delivering to their promises ... and they must be held accountable for their lies and deceptions. They are political parties and they are not above Pakistan. Chanting 'Pakistan Zindabad' is meaningless and pathetic if you do not mean it from the core of your heart ... and are more loyal towards political parties. If YOU can bring them in power, you ALSO have power to dethrone them. Do not take this life and this country for granted ... and do not waste your position. You are the people of Pakistan ... and you are the TRUE POWER!
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