Need Help from Islamabad residences! Please dont merge or delete...


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My family is traveling to Pakistan on 15th Aug, destination is Islamabad airport. My dad is living in Peshawar and he will pick them from airport, since Saudi Airline is not operational to Peshawar airport due to firing incident on PIA airplane.
My question is , is it possible to enter Islamabad city after tonight? I know its a bit early to ask this question, but i need to know the situation in Islamabad. What about Benazir International airport, one can go and pick some one form there easily?

Please help me on this.
Thanks a a lot in advance.


I live near Islabamad Airport; Right now there is no problem in reaching the Airport but after tomorrow it will be very risky; You better consider some alternative plan


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Not Possible, Islamabad is Sealed.

You should go to Chakri Interchange and enter Rawalpindi from Saddar side and then to go to Airport. I think this path will be open, Once in Rawalpindi , You can go to airport. But you can not go through Islamabad or IJP Principle Road.


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go with emirates airlines. ! they fly to peshawar now, or tell them to stay in airport. it's better to stay for a time untill things get right than regretting


I live in Chaklakla Scheme 3 Rwp,
from peshawar you should come through motor way and exit to rwp from motor way towards mall road rwp drive straight towards airport this route is safe towards airport and back. i deal with goverment officials travelling by air toward Islamabad.only entery areas of islamabad teritory are being blocked. the route mention above is clear till tyime as i my self used it an hour ago.


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Dear, Don't take risk specially when family is traveling. As "noworries" mentioned get Emirates. This may cost you little more but convenient.


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whatever conditions in Islamabad, Islamabad airport is still better... at least less chances of plan being hit in the air.... So don't listen to people who asking you to land at Peshawar.


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Thanks to all of you, I was also thinking to switch to some other airline. After I got a rough idea from your comments and advices, I went to PIA and booked a flight to Peshawar direct.

Thanks for your comments and advices.

Stay Blessed.
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