Naye Election Mein Imran Khan Dobara Aaya To Phir Dharna Doonga - Maulana Fazal ur Rehman


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People should understand that the same person can be commended on few acts while he can be condemned on few others. If our liberals and anti-establishment elements ( I myself one of them) condemn Fazlu for overthrowing a government by a ‘Lashkar’ , it will not make them pro-Imran Khan or pro-establishment. I believe that current government will sink due to its bad-performance and its plain-Stupid CM Punjab.


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The sole reason why this period is critical to these clowns is because economically, Pakistan looks to be in the green zone within the next few months. The current account deficit has fallen very rapidly over the past yera, and if it continues falling at this pace, we will achieve a trade balance in the coming 1-2 years. That is when the economy will truly take off, currency will genuinely stabilize, and we will get out of the begging circle.
THIS is what these clowns are scared of. Once that equilibrium is achieved, noone will want PMLN or PPP. and without these 2, JUIF has no place. Thats what his rear end is aflame about.

Sickened of this political correctness accorded to clowns with beards, dead politicians, ailments etc.


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بڑوں سے سنتے آئے تھے کہ
گیدڑ کی جب موت آتی ہے
تو وہ شہر کا رخ کرتا ہے
آج فضلو کو اسلام آباد میں دیکھ کر
وہ کہاوت اب سمجھ میں آئی۔
اللہ الحق

اللہ الحق


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So it is clear that problem is with Imran Khan as he did not throw bone of ministries to this fat slug. This Pig should be shot in head for his crimes against Pakistan!
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