Naya Pakistan mein Puranay Pakistan ki jhalkian


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Hamari public bohot jaldi emotional ho jati hay lol. I m not supporting a wrong act here but lets just look at few things before we blame pti govt.
Did pti allocate any money in budget for laptop scheme? NO. Did pti release any funds to purchase laptops? NO. Do u see any pti member accepting or attending this ceremony like pmln did? NO.
So isnt it possible that this procedure was already under way n funds were already released before pti came into power n probably laptops were already purchased too.
Yes govt could send a strict message to hold back all the laptops but this is last phase of 5 year plan of pmln so how much can u really blame education minister?
But u cannot say at all pti is continuing it becoz they did not release any funds for this scheme. Makes sense?


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I am not trying anything.I have criticized Shehbaz in past for not doing law, Health, Police reforms even though he had 2/3rd majority and that became his downfall.Other than that, I had many poor friends who could never afford laptops and have to used university pc's get these laptops and do their work on it.So, It was a very good project.

Buzdar is naliaq.
It was THE dumbest idea ever. I have at least 3 cousins who sold these laptops becoz they had better ones at home, just last year my friends brother gave his laptop to his 9 year old nephew to watch cartoons lol. Go to any computer market n u will find these laptops for sale.
N tell me one thing, if a person has successfully completed 15 years of education without laptop, how is lack of laptop gonna stop him in 16th year? Lol.

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Jo reason hai wo bayan kiya hai, kpk main bhe PTI ki hukumat the itna bura haal nahe tha
Achanak kya howa? Ab tou fouj bhe peechay hai , na Khadim Rizvi, na Nawaz , na Shahbaz, na zardari koe nahe tough time dynay k leye..

Issay kehtay hain Allah ka azab :) or zalel hougay tm log hoho hahaha
Chal jao pooja karoo appna Khadim Rizvi ki .. Khadim Rizvi nah hoa koyi peghamber hoo giya ... ..Tum logoon nah tu nauzobilah ussa khuda bana dia hoa hai ...

Jiiin ko itna dimagh naheen kaam kerta keh poora mulk aur sooba main kia faraq hai .. aur jiin koo aye jee ghauri dimpolomacy lagti hai .. aise bewakoofoon keh lia mera pass time naheen hai ...


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Lol khadim rizvi ka kya jurm hai :) Namos e Risalat صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم peh pehra dyna :) ... 1954 ki khatam e Nabuwat tehreek main bhe boht say ulma jailoun main gaey thay
O bhai yeh dekh mein hath jor raha hoon please dont count khadim rizvi among ulmas. Seriously humble request, mujhey koi gali dey dey but aisey logoo ko aalim na bol
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