Nawaz Sharif's latest blood report shows platelets depleting to alarming level


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Bad news......he cannot fly abroad with this blood airline is going to take him for the fear of internal bleeding...........shall take complete rest


MPA (400+ posts)
jo poor population ka blood peeeeea "drink" hai ab gradually khatam ho raha hai....
in sha Allah ,,,zaleel o khawar ho ga ya yeh...
mazloomo ke bad duain waste nahee jatee.


Voter (50+ posts)
Sicillian mafia is strong enough to fake reports and cause low platelets. He should be given mega littar not Meg unit of platelets.


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
جب تک اس خنزیر کے پیٹ میں حرام کا کھانا نہیں جاۓگا تب تک اس خنزیر کو مختلف بیماریاں گھیرتی رہیں گی
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