Naeem ul Haq reacts to the rumors of Shabbar Zaidi's removal


Politcal Worker (100+ posts)
Why was changing him even an option. He is doing a good job. Hes changing fbr from within and tax is being imposed for the first time. I think imran khan is too impatient. Shabbar zaidi should get around 1 year atleast. Whats the hurry??


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I think shabbar is getting promoted to advisor so he can attend cabinet meetings. Shabbar zaidi is basically a policy guy and not a manager. He can give great ideas to collect tax and block tax leakages but I doubt he can manage the corrupt FBR machinery. FBR has 20,000 employees and needs a powerful administrator.

My suggestion would be to make some army guy chairman FBR. This will also send a message to all tax evaders and non filers.

Sach Bolo

MPA (400+ posts)
Naeem ul Haq is the guy who is taking 12 Lakh rupees per month govt salary excluding perks and benefits and his only job is to falsely reject true News through Twitter ?
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