NA 120's public opinion on PTI/PAT's sit in, in Islamabad

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Good Job. I am waiting such program on regular basis. In TV programs they just invite same idiots from political elite again and again. These so called politicians and analyst have no connect with common people and they don't know the feelings and difficulties of common people.

If possible do such program on regular basis and invite some educated non political common peoples in studio recorded programs


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Can someone send the link of 11 parties supporting pmln in parliament to IK!!!!!

You forgot to mention that along with 11 parties Billions of people in world are also with Nawaz. To suport this argument you can provide statements of american state department.


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Re: Public Opinion About Ongoing Political Crisis - Exclusive

Yeh aik banda hay aor tum lok 100s kee ta'daad maen ho, phir bhi is aik bandey nay tumhari itni leeee hay class kay tum ro parey ho...:P

bravo bro...keep it UP @gujjarpakistani

یہ اکیلا اس لئےہے کے یہ ن لیگ کے میڈیا سیل کا ملازم ہے
جو بہت سارے ہیں وہ عوام ہیں.ان کی ہابی ہے یہاں آنا اس کی جاب ہے اور خاصی ناخوشگوار ہے
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People should also mention the killing of people in Model Town. That is also a strong case against Shurly and Rana Snaullah. A tour in a village and ask the people what they feel about Nawaz and co, that would also make a nice tv show.

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there is nothing worse than seeking change by a group of people who are neither organized themselves, nor do they have leadership that plans before it makes a move.

thus far, from the 14th of Aug 2014, not one step that PTI took out of insanity and/or despair was pre-planned. it has been adhoc and chaotic since day one. Frankly, PAT is better organized and planned than PTI who wants to overthrow an incompetent Government, whereas PTI itself has corruption, incompetence and is completely disorganized itself.

the requirement for change is good. And seeking change from past 68 years of feudalism, injustice and corruption is a duty of every Pakistani. But doing all this for one man is insanity and idol-worship. I have said it before, and am not ashamed of saying it again. PTI remains a one-man show, with no political or public vision, or a proper manifesto. it stands against more, but stands in the favor of little. Good people of Pakistan are supporting it believing it to be their path to salvation; however, what they fail to see is that there is short-sightedness, person-centered politics and corruption within PTI as well, and choosing such leadership is only as perilous to the future of Pakistan as is PML-Ns.... Just like MQM, PPP and PML-N are nothing without Altaf, Bhutto-Zardaris and Sharifs, PTI is nothing without Imran Khan.... and frankly, though he might have a bit of charisma and a few truths about his claims, there is little wisdom, extreme impatience and extraordinary disregard of opponents within him... and the way PTI supporters oppose everyone who opposes Imran or PTI; shows that PTI is not a party, its turned into a self-righteous cult who feels it is above all, and definitely worth more than Pakistan itself......... Islam and Pakistan is what we must stand for. at this juncture however, PTI and Imran are standing for neither. they are only standing for Imran's ego and insistence, and causing harm to Pakistan all over. Even the third umpire is fed up of this childish behavior by PTI and its leadership.
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