My crime is to stand against injustice; Maryam Nawaz's reply to NAB's questionnaire


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Yeah, but what you are actually being charged with is money laundering and assets beyond means.

What I like about maryum is that you can always count on her to make stupid statements. Just when you think she can't top the last one, she comes out with something even more stupid!

I'm gonna miss that when she is locked up

Sonya Khan

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Since she doesn’t know about the money in her account then govt should confiscate it .....and she should be put behind bars for letting money launderers use her account .... And since she is so incompetent that she can’t run ONE account, she should be barred from holding any office in future in Pakistan citing her imbecility.....


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injustices ke khilaaf stand kia lo gi bewaqoof ladki jabkeh khud injustices commit kerti rahee ho poori family samait?


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hramzadi, ek number ke GASHTIOL hy hy noothiyo ke ye bad challen behan, sawal poocha k try pas paisa kha se aya, jwab aya miya sharif se poochy jo 15 saal pehly hi marr chukay hy


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And that injustice according to you JAHIL dictionary started from the day NAB started asking question about your criminal pass and ordered you to explain how you acquired what you have. This is are without a doubt lucky to have many illiterate around you to buy your craps. But NAB will not I hope.


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Litrrr maro is shahi mohalay ki naika 420 ko.. sab koch ogal daygi.. lekin Nab n Courts ki kia majal jo inko litrr maray..


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Just answer the questions you goddamned lying churail!
دیکھیں جی یہ سب الله کا فضل اور اسکی دین ہے .
جب الله دینے لگتا ہے تو ایسی ایسی جگہوں سے جسکا
آپ اندازہ بھی نہیں کر سکتے؟ اب دیکھو ناں مجھے ایسے
ایسے لوگوں نے پوری دنیا سے کروڑوں بھیجے جنکا نام بھی
میں نے پہلی بار سنا؟ اور تو اور میشل اوباما نے بھی ستر
ملین ڈالر چپکے سے میری جیب میں ڈال دئے ؟
اب اس میں کیا ..... ?

Shazi ji

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dont bend OVER,,,,, JUST ON your knees slut and suck ............ qatri's DUCK
Not nice to comment like that ,,,
Will it be nice if someone says That if she can’t do it then learn it from PINKI PIRNI or seeta white ( both were good)
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