Murad Saeed best reply to Khawaja Asif in National Assembly Today session | Murad Saeed complete speech


Senator (1k+ posts)
Apnay baap ko itne asane see dee dia chutu and sahih dala hay aurr dannt bhe nikal raha hay..lakhat dee lanat..paid chutu


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Muraad Saeed the one man army of PTI. Well done, iss Kharaam Khour Sialkoti chuhey ko iss ki auqaat mein rakhnaa chahiyae!


Minister (2k+ posts)
With all due respect I feel sorry for all khota and dadoo khore patwari's , what's wrong in Murad Saeed speech he told the truth in assembly about looter ,aqama king ,fraud and immoral kh asif
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