Motives behind Lahore motorway incident | Episode 6 by Rabia Agha


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this incident represents the mirror of our society. IMO, the issues come from the induction of kids as maids by most families in our country. These kids go through a great deal of stress and trauma and keep this anger in them for a long time. This anger of losing their future, while other kids flourished is also making them do such things.


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Kal mae ne apna darwaza khula chora aur 3 din ke lie dosray shehar chala gaya... Mera apne idaron par yaqeen tha ke kam azkam elite class ki tarha bees tees na sahi kam azkam 5 police wale to meri ghar ki chokidari par laga leti... Haae afsos ab mera ghar lut gaya hae, mera apne mulk aur police se etibar uth gaya hae..
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