Mother kills son's murderer after court sets him free


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Although I'm against mob justice as it can easily hijacked by war mongers and distorted mindset but sometimes that is only option left. I would rather suggest top lawyers to take her case and get her bail same way they help the other party

Allama G

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hum sb bus moo k fire he hain. Jab kisi ko zarorat parti hai tu koi baher nai nklta. Ab yahan tarefain kr rhay hain k bht acha kia


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I think we don’t know the facts and hv assumed that this action is justified
That's right. Who knows high been court might have been right in releasing the accused.
Also I don't think people saw the video before commenting. It is clear that there was a family dispute .
Justice Khosa was the best judge when Nawaz Shareef was declared guilty due to Panama case . He is the worst judge today since he declared Army Chief 3 years extension illegal.
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