Molana Fazal ur Rehman threatening COAS Gen Bajwa


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This is a good time to fix the 'Na soor' called JUIF once and for all....... they have been black mailing Pakistan for a long time now. Be it ppp,pmln or any other format ...... thier only contribution is to use the religious sentiments of public to gain more seats in assembly.


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Kutay ke mout marey ga tu allu k pathay . Tujay sara Pakistan gaali deta hy saari zindgai teri fraud oar munafkat main ghuzer gai tu aisa shaitan hy jis ko Pura Pakistan oar overseas Pakistanis pathar martey hain .

Chal Dafa ho ja haram khor insaan


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this idiot has become a threat to the country and needs taken down like altaf hussain.
AH was Urdu speaking easy Target. He never Threat Army nor any of his workers attack Army . In Baluchistan N KPK everyday Army is been Attacked? Yes Army Killed them extra judicially at their choices. And Display their Bravery by Ruining Karachi that couldn't be at LOC and Kashmir, Baluchistan n KPK.
They declared whole Karachi as RAW Agents, not proven single.
India is Planning to make honorary Consulates at Brussels for Pashtuns, Baluch and Sindho Desh they never ready to accept Karachites.


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We will soon see Honorary Consulate office for BLA. Pashtun Liberaion and Sindhoo Desh- Ajit Devol.
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