Moin Akhter in Brunch with Bushra Ansari



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Re: Brunch with Bushra Ansari Moin akhter special

Bushra Ansari and Moin Akhatar are the legends of our entertaiment industry.Moin Akhatar was the most beautiful flower of paksitan ,God Almighty did like his beautiful work as a good human being and wanted to keep near him.Moin Akhatar is gone,pakistan's lovely son,his memories are the assets of this nation which this nation will cherish for a very long time.I dont find the right and proper words to express my sorrow that how much it affect me and other people . I and my countrymen can only pray for him and he will definately have a nice and beautiful place in heaven because of his character as a kind hearted human being.Now i pray for the long life of our beloved "Bushra Ansari" and wish her good health and all the best in her life.
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