Modi Govt Denies the Malaysian PM Right to Fly Over India


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Brother please keep parents out of it.

You guys can give sharp rebuttals even without badmouthing someones parents.

Your obsession with heera mandi shows your roots in that place where your whore of a mother spreads her legs day and night and gets humped while you lick the remains from her maggot infested arse you slime covered smelly shit consuming indian. Yet you typical shameless coward slimy vile indian continue to enjoy your insults but no surprise there it runs in you ratty blood.


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Toilet key paisa hai nahi ??? ...aur cheezon kay paisay kahan say aingay ??

smart cities kahan hain ??

arey TOILET to banalo !! ???

teri ammi ki service to kai bar kar chuka hira mandi me , aur karna hai dallay to bata ? paise le ja ........................... ???
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