Modi again threatening Pakistan at election rally .


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Modi chaiwalay kaa monh kaala krr ke iski air force iskay pichwaraay mai daal krr iss ghatia chai walaay ko boht andrr takk maara hai iski cheekhain to khwab mai bhi nikalti hongi


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1.3 Billion people should be applauded for picking a chaiwala to represent them despite having hundreds and thousands of doctors and highly educated, respected professionals...

This tells you the mental state of an average Indian! 😒😒😒

I used to admire Indians once for bringing forward people like Dr Manmohan Singh or Abdul Kalaam.. But not anymore!! 😁😁😁

This tells you one more thing. Till to date there are still the same old two progressive nations in India: Muslims and Sikhs!


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Zyaada Jazbati na ho!!.. Khan bara Harami hai... He thinks 10 steps ahead. His every move is hurting India more!

Fishermen were a burden on our resources! So let them go just before the elections so they can sing praises of Pakistan and curse Modi in their villages just before the elections.

On the other hand, he still has the airspace closed which is costing Air India alone Rs. 200+ crore / month!! 😁😁😁

And Pakistan still releasing Indian fishermen, etc


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Huramee chae wala unpurrh racist gay modi. Itnaa burhaa killer of gujrat. Phirrbhee highly educated indians elected him.

Lets see what happens in 2019 elections if bc indians elect him again. And modi after elections is not guided clearly honestly by his freaking advisors toe phirr dangerous game play kurna hae toe pakistan toe ready hae are the coward damn hindus READY FOR PERMANENT DESTRUCTION?hope not


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Such statements only proves that Modi is using the War for political gains and to fools Indians.

If you have such a politician then you don't need an enemy, because he is your enemy himself who is trying to scare you from something to keep his support and he might even try to create the situation of fear himself in trying to do that..

Dawood Magsi

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Lagta hai Modi ko apni gaandd sujaanay ka phhir shoq charha hai, Waisey Baniya knows hate against Pakistan is keeping the fake indian union intact


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The humiliation of losing 2 jets and a chopper, plus getting a pilot arrested will remain for a while. Specially with a right wing party with active links to terror outfits like RSS.
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