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"Mera Baap DSP Hai, Tu Hai Kon?" - Shehri Ki Traffic Police Officer Se Talakh Kalami


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
DSP ka larka tu naheen per clerk lag raha hai.
DSP baap say boloo kay phone dila day.
THere is something called online banking. Only uneducated,old people or thieves visit banks these days


Politcal Worker (100+ posts)
Police officer is state of Pakistan, he was very polite, but he can charge him on misbehaving with Police officer and threatening. This citizen should be punished nicely.
This is the mindset of our ppl . Haraam cash actually running in blood of our people . No merit , no rule of law . No patriotism . Might is right . We lives in Jungle . Kaash him log b insaan ban jaate.


Minister (2k+ posts)
This is the MIndset of All Rulinhg Elite and now genereal Public also tries to copy that.
Janab sawal ye hai k ye mind set aakhir kis ne set keeya hai ? Aam public mein,, qasoor iss Car wale ka nahi, iss corrupt system ka hai, Car wala aadmi b apni jagha sacha hai k yaha per koi b NO Parking ka sign board nahi,, aur agar iss aadmi ke mistake b hai tab b aap chalaan ker sakte hein, Car uthaa k nahi le ja sakte,,
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