Meet Nadeem Kakazai IK's Biggest Fan, Danced Outside Junaid Safdar Wedding


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Panama Sharif aik dheet cheez ha, usse in Youthiyo k naachnay se kiya Faraq parta ho ga?

Kahee woh BC Gunja, inn youthiyo ko naachta dekh k ulta enjoy na karr raha ho 😝


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Wedding with stolen money from Pakistani poor.
Iss se behter tou Container k saamnay Youthiyo ko non-stop Dance pe lagga k, khud ander khamoshi se Shaadi kar lena ha.

Kam az kam Qom ka loota huwa paisa tou waste nahee huwa aur Youthiyo ka shoq bhi poora ho gaya.


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The biggest Chotiya are who loot Pakistan then run away london and also the people who vote and support these Criminals of Pakistan. Haraam kors with beards
O bhai lets say Mr A who is a politician is corrupt, that does not imply that u have to fail in your tests and act chotiya. Chotiya aik kafiyat ka naam hay jo kissi per bhee kissi waqat bhee tari hojati hay.
The man in the video is a certified chotiya and so are u if u r his supporter.


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The ignorance of this clan is unbelievable. No conscious class or realization, the horrific crimes they have committed against the Pakistani nation.


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Nawaz Ghaadar Nashareef is the biggest hypocrite politician Pakistan has ever seen. He has no love for his country and will sell his country and its secrets for a couple of flats in London.
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