Meesha Shafi threatened me with a 'Me Too' scandal - Hassaan Khan Niazi claims


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twitter pa a kar aurat to bina proof ka dhamki de raha hai sala.
Pakistan main vulnerable girls ka sath aisa karnay ka kafi riwaaj hai. I wish meesha come forward and expose him just like she exposed ali zafar.


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Chooor Kay Dahreee Main Tinka ;)
Hassaan tweeted about her lawyer who has allegedly presented fake witnesses and false testimony in the court on meesha's behalf and has ruined meesha's case-
this reaction from meesha's team (i.e. her lawyer) to shut him up. is not unexpected as hassaan also put question mark on her funding and sources.

Bubber Shair

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یہ اگر نیازی ہے تو جھوٹ ہی بول رہا ہوگا ویسے بھی اس کا کھوتے سے بڑا منہ اس قابل نہیں کہ کوی لڑکی اس کو دھمکی دے سکے


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Typical unthankful Muslim women. Take everything give nothing
Mind your language sir......this type of cases are everywhere if you have any doubt you can google about it & there are a lot of men too who use such dirty tricks so please do think before you make any such kind of comment this type of people are everywhere they don't represent any religion, sect or nation they just represent themselves so leave religion, sect & nationality aside
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