Media crisis did not begin due to PTI government, it started in PMLN era - Hamid Mir


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بڑے بڑے بےغیرت ہوں گے لیکن نونی بغیرت سے بڑا کوئی نہیں ہے اپنے باپ کی حرام کمائی کو بچانے کیلے پاکستان مخالفت پر اتر آے ہیں. یہ پاکستان کو ترقی کرتا دیکھ ہی نہیں سکتے.


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baita ab tu jo marzi bol lakin milna wilna kuch b ni government sa LOL abhe to party shuru hoi ha
Kaash aaj sa 10-15 saal pahlay IK government ma hota to tum log aaj b motor cycles pa reporting ker rahay hotay ya phir Uber Careem ki sawarian hotay

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That's right, blame the ex-CJ now that he's not there. And what a revelation that he was the head of the committee who wreaked havoc on lower media staff's wages? Actually, they were expecting the PTI Govt. to spend even more free tax-payer money on them but the opposite happened and that they still find hard to swallow!


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Hamid Mir is a Spin Master, Apni tunkha na milay to Channel ka kasoor aur jub gharib camera man ki na milay to hakomat ka kasoor. Kamal hai,,, He is nothing but a blackmailer...


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Ok then Mir! If PTI government is not responsible for media crisis stop spitting venom against PTI government!
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