Maulana Fazl ur Rehman's role in dharna was not more than that of a cartoon - Aitzaz Ahsan


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یہ حرام کا نطفہ فراڈیا فضلو خنزیر فضلا مودی کو اپنی گشتی ماں کاناجائز خصم بناکر کشمیر کاز کو نقصان پوھنچانے والا حرام زادہ بغیر دھرنے کے بھی کار ٹون ہی نظر آتا ہے آتا ہے اور کا رٹون بھی کسی حرامی نسل کا


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Be carefull of Aitezaz as he is a venomous snake. After losing hope at the prospect of PPP, he is trying hard to get a position in PTI. He has played a dubious role in the past to undermine PTI.


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PPP is the only party that does not use religion for political gains, says Aitezaz.

It's Bhutto who declared Ahmedis legally non-Muslims via the 2nd amendment & bragged about his Islamisation measures in his speeches (see the Netflix documentary on Abdus Salam).
If this is the case then why did billo go to Fazlu's march?.Billo stood still while fake molvi Fazlu was spitting venom against other Muslims.
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