Maulana Fazl ur Rehman is the representative of whole 'Muslim Ummah' - Orya Maqbool Jan


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Fazlurehman ki rae se ittefaq krney se na fzlurehman naik parsa sabit hota hey na ORYA gunahgar.
Agar fzlurehman NAMOOS e RISALAT s.a.w ki baat krta hey to me b uski himayat krnga.
LAIKIN iska hrgiz hey mtlab nhi k me USKY SHAKHIAT se impressed hoon.


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Hahah agar Mulla Diesel muslim umma ki awaz hein to Mulla kay nazdeek to corruption koi masla nahin hay? Tabhi sari umma hath jharr kar corruption kar rahi hay!
Orya tum nay kitnay kamaye?😁


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Aggr iss Khanzeer aur laanti oryaa h...mi ke nazdeel laanti Islam frosh Munafiq Bharva Khanzeer Badboodaar Fuzzla pooray Islam kaa Leader hai to Phirr yeh ghaleez Naapaak Baddboodar h...mi Munafiq Oryaa Dunyaa ke Tamaam Bharvon , Pimps aur Dallon kaa Leader hai mai aaj Tkk iss h...m zaday Orya ko Halali Maa Baap ki halali aulad samjhtaa thaa aur isko aik retired DC aur Samajhdaar Bndaay kaa concept thaa aur iski izzat bhi thi dill mai mgrr Fazloo ke iss h...mi nasal ke chooopay Oryaa Maqbool Shaitan kaa asall roop abb samnay aayaa hai , Mgrr abb iss Shaitan Oryaa kaa DNA kranay ki zaroortt hai yeh Orya nahi iskaa Ghaleez aur Naapaak Khoon bhonk raha hai Fazloo Laanti Khazeer ki himayatt aur bharva aur dalla geeri mai


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Astaghfuruallah...Pretends himself like Hajji..Namzi.. Wisdom person in Oriya...But some times he made a lots Chawalain..thats I am in doubts about his any knowledge.. wisdom..Molvi Diesel is a curse for Pakistan.and related him as religious more than curse..


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The problem with Jamatiass - hypocrisy.
100% agreed with you.. After got all knowledge about Deen o Dunia..Oriya still can't removed Hypocrisy from his blood being old Jamatia..I am laughing when he giving Bashan on Deen o Dunia in Medias channles..


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میں اوریا مقبول جان سے اتفاق کرتا ہوں کہ
لل فضل الشیطان صاحب پوری امّت مسلمہ کے "دللوں کی آواز" ہیں


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Solution for each and every problem of humanity only and only lies in unity, peace, progress and prosperity of humanity as a proper human community in a kingdom. This is the only way mankind could have blissful, dignified and secure existence.

This is what the quran offers humanity in form of way of life labelled AL-ISLAAM. If anyone has any better idea then one should share it with rest of humanity but none has any better idea so far. Then why not be a sensible human being and accept what is true and right and give up what is false and wrong in order to save mankind from yet more terrible painful suffering due to harms and destructions by hands of each other?

It is most beneficial for people who are suffering in terrible pain and agony to take this message aboard and spread it to wake up sleeping humanity to this truth. Even if they are not bothered with learning and teaching proper deen of islam then humanity does deserve what it is getting as consequences of its thoughts and actions.

People make each other suffer terribly then blame it on God that he is not intervening whereas God has already intervened by providing people with his guidance but people are ignoring that guidance and looking for solutions elsewhere which are not there. For a detailed explanation of things about the quran and deen of islam see HERE and HERE
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Oriya talking Bullsh!t here. Fazlu Rahman has no credibly as a religious leader. At best he is a political yahoo.

chacha jani

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These so called scholarls always mislead people and making masses without a in it. We do have emotional young generation which blindly follow these culprits.
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