Maulana Fazal u Rehman gets angry & threatens Pakistani Institutions on his corruption cases


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Yaqeen agaya kay Allah ki laathi beyawaaz hoti hai...Maza to tub aye ga jub yeh deen farosh haram ka pilla arrest hoga aur koi bahar nahi niklay ga is kay liye...

Dunkin Donut

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ha ha ha ha ..... Maulana is angry because he knows which General took how much Dollars in which peti size !

there have been only 2 politicians in Pakistan's history who knows how much Generals collected in their holly alliance while pimping this nation and Maulana is one of them, the other was Qazi Hussain Ahmad

Cape Kahloon

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Tu Han ker ya Na ker tunay jana jail he ha. Abe
Tu Kashmir committee ka hessab huna ha.
Yeh really samjh raha ha he is above the law.
Ek din zardari nay be yeh he kaha tha ab woh
Jail main ha.
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