Massive rain drowns Karachi, Five Died Due to Electrocuted


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There is no proper drainage system in cities to cope with heavy rains.Karachi authorities can't remove the garbage from the streets so there is no chance of a proper drainage system , it is very costly.

Doctor sb

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بخدا یہ منظر دیکھا نہیں جاتا، جو قیامت ان عام شہریوں پر ٹوٹتی ہے، اس حکمران اشرافیہ پر کیوں نہیں ٹوٹتی - بارش بجاۓ رحمت کے کئی گھروں کے لیے پیغام اجل لے کر آئی - کل عید کا دن ہے اور کئی خاندانوں پر آج ہی قیامت ٹوٹ پڑی


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Thank you punjabis and sindhis for destroying karachi. Sindhis and punjabis have a pact to destroy and kill karachi balochistan and pushtun khah. Keep up the good work. You punjabis and sindhis are under the supervision of army judiciary and bearucracy. Good luck in future.

Zaidi Qasim

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Can't even fucken clean their cities and they are going to liberate Kashmir from India.
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hramzady, nawaz chor ne to 1996 or phr 1999 me kashmir ka soda kr k kashmirio ke qamar me churra ghompaa, noothio k is bhagwan ko sirf phansi lgao


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Karachi should be its own province where her leaders are accountable to its people. The whole country should be divided into smaller administrative provinces.
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