Maryam Aurangzeb fight with reporter during press conference


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By Hamid Mir.
9 TON Bull FAZLOO HALYEE will be slaughtered on 27 October at ISLAMABAD by his owner molana Gafoor Haideri and
his body organs will be distributed
as follow.........
SKULL Given to Anthropologist to see if his
father was Africian bull or Bengali bull.
TURBAN Sent to manmon singh as goodwill guesture.
EYES Given to chinese pm li keqiang for his eye transplant.
BEARD Sent to wig makers for choudry nasar.
TONGUE Sent to lak patt jail to wipe Nawaz Sherif piss
off the floor.
NOSE.Given to Asfran yarr wali ANP for his nose transplant.
MOUTH Sent to sukker hospital to suck meter man Kursheed
shah poo who is suffering with constipation.
HANDS Given to Modi to massage his between the legs.
STOMACH Donated to KPK to store LNG gas.
TATTAY Given to murryum auranzeb to play tennis with.
1" LULLEE Given to Billo Rani to play with it at night.
BACKSIDE Sent to Bilawal house to hang it on wall
for future use.
Requested his soul to join hand with iblees to misguide
sherifs and zardari families.???
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