Marvi Memon resigns from NA, PML-Q

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Marvi Memon resigns from NA, PML-Q


ISLAMABAD: Marvi Memon has resigned from her seat in the National Assembly and from the PML-Q, Geo News reported.

Speaking to the media, Memon said that she took the decision in protest of the PML-Q joining the government and in opposition of the budget which was against the aspirations of the people.

She added that current government was working against the people of Pakistan and the PML-Q leaders did not live up to the voters by leaving the opposition and joining the government.

The PML-Q did not correct the disastrous course of the government she said. The statement read out by Marvi Memon listed the government as being inadequate, not serving the people, not responding to natural disasters, not protecting the countrys sovereignty and depriving people of basic human rights.

Memon added that under these circumstances she could no longer be a member of the National Assembly and that she would not take back her resignations under any circumstance. She however did say that her struggle for justice would continue on the streets and in courts.

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Resignation Letter of Marvi Memon

Honorable Speaker National Assembly
National Assembly Secretariat

Subject: Resignation as Member National Assembly

June 22, 2011


It has been my honor to serve as a Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan since March 2008. As a first-time parliamentarian, I have honored the oath I took to perform my functions always in the interest of the sovereignty, integrity, solidarity, well being and prosperity of Pakistan.

However, ever since my party leaderships decision to join the federal government, it has become difficult for me to be true to my oath. I believe that PML Q leaders by leaving their role as an opposition party have not lived up to the expectations of millions of voters who reposed their trust in them in the Feb 2008 elections. I tried to prevail upon the party leadership to change their decision, but in vain. Now the only honorable course open to me is to resign from PML membership and also as member of the National Assembly on the occasion of vote for Budget.

Abstaining from voting on the budget, would practically mean approving it, and with it, tacitly endorsing all government policies and future plans. Since I believe this coalition government is working against the interests of the people of Pakistan, my support for the budget would compromise all my struggle for the people. I cannot vote against my conscience. I have thus voted against the budget. Just like Marui in Latif Sains Shah Jo Risalo, this Marui too cannot compromise the struggle for her marooara (people.)

As I had predicted, PML Q has not been able to correct the disastrous course of this government. And they will not be able to do so in the future as well. Simply because this government has a built-in flaw: its sole objective is to protect its vested interests rather than peoples interests. It is my firm belief that the only thing that would continue in the coming months is crass, corrupt politicking to steal the next election. The real concerns of the people would continue to be neglected.

Therefore, I believe that:

-To be associated with a government, which has not followed parliaments joint resolution mandating action against NATO forces in case of drones, has bartered Pakistans sovereignty, has not protected Pakistans sensitive locations, has not kept our territory protected from foreign forces, would be a travesty.

-To be associated with a government which has allowed human rights of thousands to be grossly violated by not giving them justice, salaries, minimum wages, regularizations, jobs (Haleema, NPIW, Lady Health Workers, APP, NCHD, NEF, Lower Education Staff etc), would be subversive.

-To be associated with a government, which has taken away food and shelter from the poor, fuel from the vehicles, electricity and gas from industry and homes, which has forced people to commit suicides due to its corruption, faulty economic policies, which has forgiven the loan defaulters, which has not been austere, which has not taxed the rich appropriately including inequitable taxation for agriculture and industry, would be criminal.

-To be associated with a government, which has been completely negligent in its primary responsibilities during natural and national disasters like Attabad lake, the recent floods, the Abottabad crisis, the complete break down of law and order in all of Pakistan, would be perfidious.

-To be associated with a government, which has abysmally failed to protect its own constitutional office holders, security forces, religious sects, minorities, media and most importantly therefore innocent people from kidnappings, targeted killing and terrorist attacks, which is fighting a directionless war and is compromising with criminals, would be atrocity.

-To be associated with a government which has allowed Pakistans image to be trashed internationally, has practically abandoned the valiant people of occupied Kashmir, has let national sovereignty to be chipped away, has not managed its relations with friendly countries like China at its optimal, has not handled the Indian threat with firmness and dignity, has done nothing to counter growing campaign against Pakistans nuclear assets, would be treacherous.

-To be associated with a government which has used provincialism as a political tool, which has has not resolved border commission dispute on Diamir dam, has not fulfilled its promises in Agaze Huqooqe Balochistan or KPK financial revival package or FATA Reforms, has not fulfilled its rehabilitation commitments for earthquake 2005 victims, has not fulfilled provincial quota obligations, has discriminated between rural-urban and head-tail for water, has not held anyone accountable in mishaps like the Airblue crash, has not resolved inter-provincial water disputes in line with 1991 Water Accord, has not passed the National Language bill accepting the rights of provinces, would be disloyal.

-To be associated with a government whose corruption, lack of meritocracy, incompetence has brought national economy down on its knees, which has mortgaged the coming generations future by mindless borrowing, shattered public sector corporations, retarded industrial production, hammered the small farmer and has pushed half the population in the depths of wretched poverty, would be a perversion.

-To be associated with a government, which has willfully clashed with the judiciary, has dragged its feet on the Accountability Bill and the bill to prosecute terrorists, and has rendered parliament irrelevant, forcing thousands like myself to get justice from Judiciary versus parliament would be treasonous.

-To be associated with a government that is run by thugs and commission-mafia, who have lined up their pockets with development funds, deprived people of their fundamental rights such as clean water, schools, health centers, roads, electricity, gas, would be shameful.

It is time that the people of Pakistan are freed from this government. It is time that sincere, tax-paying Pakistanis unite for Pakistans sake. It is time they reject old politics and espouse new politics, where the definition of politics is serving ones people rather than ruling over them. For the above reasons I hereby tender my resignation for the sake of the people of AJK, Balochistan, GB, KPK, Punjab, Sindh my Pakistan.

I intend to honor my oath by educating my people on the dangers of supporting a corrupt, inefficient and self serving government that is happily allowing our homeland to descend into chaos. I want to impress upon my people through my Karavan-e-Haq, that they dont have to accept a government that robs them daily. That they have a right to clean governance, and that their destiny is in their own hands.

I intend at all times to honor my flag, continuing my humble struggle for Haq and providing Pakistan with the leadership that can make it a just, moderate, and developed country.


Marvi Memon

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I think she will join PTI soon ..... :), Warm welcome in advance ......(clap)(clap)
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Thumbs up for Marvi, great lady. Hope that Pakistani politics will have more like her soon.

Two women I like in Paki politics, Dr Shireen Mazari and Marvi, love to see them as a pair, Pakistan needs such brave , out spoken, devoted and patriot politicians.
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Well done Marvi
Marvi has proved herself a brave Pakistani lady parliamentarian.
Other parliamentarians should also learn something from it.


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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League Quaid (PML-Q) leader Marvi Memon resigned from her party and the National Assembly on Wednesday.
Memon read out her resignation to the media outside the National Assembly in Islamabad.

Memon read out a lengthy resignation, charging the PML-Q of failing to correct the disastrous course taken by the government and that it would fail to do so in the future.



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I read in newspapers that she has demanded a high post from PTI as a precondition for joining it. Maybe she will get it now....


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Marvi Memon likely to join PTI
Published: June 09, 2011

ISLAMABAD (Online) - PML-Q legislator Marvi Memon has formally contacted Imran Khan for joining Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf after being disappointed over her party’s joining of the government and her differences with Chaudhry brothers.

Well-placed sources said Chaudhry brothers tried their best to woo Marvi Memon back to party but failed. On the other hand Marvi has decided in principle to bid adieu to PML-Q for ever. She made formal contact with Imran Khan to join the PTI and also got a green signal in this regard. The sources said Marvi wanted a top position in the PTI and Imran Khan had started consultation process with his party leaders.

When contacted Online, Marvi refused to comment.
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