Malik Riaz Has Media, Bureaucrats, Ecp, Judiciary In His Pocket


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Again you forgot that he has Army in his pockets as well. Stop living in a fool’s paradise.
actually tou generals hi hotay hayn, woh agar apki pay-roll pay hon tou baqi kisi ki khas zaroorat nahi, wo rakh islaye leta hay takay sab directly uskay apnay under ho aur har baat k liye generals ki taraf na dekhna paray... warna jitnay usnay general bharti kiye howay hayn, wo hi kafi hayn..


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not just judiciary, media and bureaucracy but also the generals and politicians (starting from zardari to IK and NS)
Actually he is real chief of our Core commanders.
By right any Punjabi can loot Pakistan if he is doing and corrupt Sindhi supporting means things exactly legal.


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!!!بحریہ ٹاؤن کے خریدار بھی ملک ریاض کی جیب میں ہیں


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Fikar not . The rate at which Malik Riaz is accumulating properties and the help he is getting from the law enforcing agencies, ,judiciary and GHQ very soon he will be the biggest property owner in Pakistan and will be rightfully called Sultan e muazzam Riaz Mulik e daula zil e Elahi, Fateh ul mulk, shamsheer e jaidad .


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Pakistan in hands of these Tycoons
Malik RIAZ
Malik Tanveer
Media Tycoons
Sugar Tycoons
Cotton Tycoons
Lawyers Tycoons
Judiciary Tycoons

Only Allah can save the Pakistan. As our Army Police all three political parties are subservient to them.
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