Malik Awan Received award for making his 5 daughters Bright Women leaders


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Bravo but the cardiologist would one day wonder why he studied medicine being a primising student…..he should have chosen to become a civil servant as doctors in general cannot attain that stature and wealth, civil servants can in general and are usually suppressed and harassed/humiliated by bureaucracy…….

Oppostion Is Mafia

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who gave you and saboo right to award such decrees of what political inclination we have. Where is this topic of nawaz shareef and zardari came in this thread? Wake up
We gave example of bad people criminals that youth can learn from and those bad people are Nawaz, Zardari and there followers.


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Many people don't understand CSS and the jobs they end up in.
For city kids, they don't want to end up in shikarpur or a profession that has become a lari adda of one specific sect's intention to capture Pakistan.
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