Main araha hon, abb dama dam mast qalandar ho ga - Bilawal Zardari


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18th ammendment bill dismissed.. 18th ammendment bill ko khatam karnay se hi inki baadmashi khatam hogi


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Aa Jaao na barey din ho gay hein live kisi khusrey ka dance dekhte howe,, fikar na kar main ne bohat chillar save kiay howey hein tujh per zaroor nachawar karu ga aur tu khush ho k wapis jaey ge Billo Rani,, bus jane se pehle hamare group k 12 bando ko bari bari khush kerte jana,,,


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Billo Rani kis kis song par dance karay gi?

Based on recent dialogues of her, I think she should dance on
"Jaddoon sowan, mahi day nairay howan, manji ich daang phairda" as he said, maartay bhi hain aor ronay bhi nahin detay!



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Yes there will be some agitation. Opposition will try their best. This is the best launch time for Bilawal and maryam. If they play well, there will be a chance for PM ship, however, seeing their track records, I highly doubt their capabilities. And this is PML N and PPP LAST HURRAH. If they fail to gather people this time, They will be dead forever. Their only way out is BB's daughter Bakhtawar. Bilawal doesn't have the leadership charm. He doesn't have that thing which gathers people for martyrdom. Bakhtawar, on the other hand can be as dangerous as Benazir Bhutto. She can start a fire with a half witted speech. On the other hand PML N is almost orphaned now. There is no leadership amongst them.

Bilawal and Maryam won't be able to gather people. They are not popular leaders. They are just kids. So yea, things are going to be pretty calm in the coming days.


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Credit for arrest of Asif Zardari goes to PML"N" in general , and SHARIF family in particular, these anti money laundering cases were built by PML"N" in the past, they were just implemented at this time but actual the petition against Zardari was filed long ago by PML"N"
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