Live With Dr Shahid - 21st April 2017 - Imran Khan announces rally in Islamabad

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The thieves have been acquitted unjustly by the useless highest justice institution of unfortunate Pakistan. Nothing is going to happen any more. Maryam Nawaz is going to try a new makeup, and the previous presidential MR.10% is trying again to enter the presidential residence to import more American beauties. No one trusts Imran Khan either due to his past political blunders and misadventures. The army's recently appointed chief by the Nawaz Sharif himself will not get involved politically, given the past demise of army's political intervention and attempted disgrace of an excellent previous army chief by the governmental cronies. It is darkness all over the unfortunate nation. The educated middle class should take a sleeping pill and go to sleep as the rest of the people are sleeping.



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bhai yaha sab milay huway hain. chahay cheif justice ho ya army cheif sab nawaz shareef ko kisi na kisi tara say support kartay hain. 2 judges ko pti k haq main kr k pti k supporters ko sahara dia
k insaf ho raha hay aur baqi 3 judges pml n ko bacha
gay. asal main awam ko pata nhi chal raha ye 5 judges aik hi page par hain 2 ko pti k haq main kar k khushfehmi main dala gaya hay k insaf ho raha hay. sab baqwaas hay kuch bhi nhi ho ga. jit aik drama hay kuch bhi nhi niklay ga.

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20 saal to kiya yeh faisla ab sadioon yad rakha jai ga or for all times to come these judges will have to pay for their choices IA.